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The perfect wave

January 2023 | Belinda Lubkoll

Living at the beautiful Taranaki coastline where surfers can be spoiled for choice has inspired our team of surfing jewellers. 
Growing up in New Zealand, Rob Wright, surf pioneer and founder of Ringcraft Moana remembers the uncrowded waves back in the 60s and 70s.
" We had the best of it" woolly jumpers and 9foot single fins strapped to car roofs where the equipment of the weekends. Online wind and surf apps where not invented and you had to go with your own experience and local knowledge to be at the right spot with a full tank of gas.
One of Rob's old surfboards can be found at the local museum Puke Ariki in New Plymouth. 

I joined the team and learned not just how to make jewellery but how to ride a 9 foot longboard. The mornings in the surf before work at Oakura beach or down the coast will not be swapped for the busy town life of a jewellery store in my second home town Berlin any time soon.

As surfing jewellers, we designed a wave collection inspired by what we love. The "Green Room" hydro emerald (lab grown) ring design in 9ct rose gold was the first ring. Referring to the space inside a wave, where the light is reflected in green colours. We work with strong gems that can stand the tension and pressure we put them under when setting. Lab grown gems are not just stronger than their natural twin but have no inclusions and are stronger in colour. A crisp look in contrast with gold or sterling silver. 

wave designs in gold or silver taranaki

Swiss topaz, diamonds, lab grown or natural and special orders for sapphires and rubies can be placed through our studio. Contact us to find out more.

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For wave forecasts, surf gear and our local conditions please visit Vertigo click here 

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