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Portugal Jewels

August 2021 | Belinda Lubkoll

Traveling Europe has inspired us for our designs for many years. Full of history and stories it is always fantastic to get inspired so easily while enjoying good food and the summer over there! On my last visit I have
been working with a master goldsmith in Germany for a couple of days before heading to Portugal. From contemporary Berlin to traditional Portuguese filigree designs in Lisbon. Portugal Jewels are in their third generation as a family business. I have met the owner and hand selected earrings and necklaces that are both, beautiful and full of stories.

For the first time in New Zealand, the Portugal Jewels collection is now on display and for sale in our studio in Oakura.

Portuguese jewellery has a strong religious inspiration, and the Heart of Viana is no exception. This design, which is currently used as a symbol of the city of Viana do Castelo, arose in Portugal with the cult of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at the end of the century. XVIII. The cornucopias at the top of the Heart are a stylisation of the flames that spring from this sacred symbol.
The Heart of Viana soon became an icon and emotional heritage of Portugal and of the Portuguese art of filigree. For those who own it, the Heart Of Viana is a symbol of honesty and generosity.

Viana’s beads are descended from the Greek beads: they are hollow inside, which makes them light, and perfectly spherical.
They arose from the difficulty of buying an entire filigree necklace: the women bought bead by bead until they could make a whole necklace.
The young women from Viana do Castelo had the ambition to own a necklace full of Viana’s ‘Conta’ at a time, with the money they raised from selling eggs and chickens. Use your first ‘Conta’ to remember that great achievements are conquered with small victories.

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