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You will be guided by qualified jewellers through the whole process of creating your own rings.

Flush set round gem like diamond, sapphire or ruby optional and needs to be inquired prior and will be charged additionally. 

2 people per workshop.

This is a unique opportunity to create your own rings during our 3hour goldsmith course together with jeweller Rob Wright and Belinda Lubkoll. Why not use this class to create each others wedding rings? 

We will make sure that you walk out with a beautiful band in gold or silver created using the essential skills of:

Heating and manipulating metal, bending, soldering, filing and texturing.

The $300 will include a sterling silver design.

Gold rings using 18ct/ 9ct red, yellow or white gold are available as well and additional material costs will apply. We will weigh your rings at the end of the class.

Please contact us with a ring size and band width for us to give you a more detailed quote prior.

 For groups please contact us for a tailored offer.

Voucher options available: A great opportunity to gift this workshop to somebody who is interested to get an insight of this beautiful trade.


Please contact us with a preferred day and time during work hours 5 days prior.

Want to know find out more? We have written a blog post about it.

Please refer to the chart below as a guide for ring sizes. You may also download a printable pdf version here.
If in doubt, contact our team for further advice. 
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