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Step into our traditional goldsmith studio and learn how to create your own jewellery in a small group.
$80 each where we will work on your design ideas using traditional jewellery techniques. Introduction to our workshop and tools included. Metals and gems additional. Designs are available in silver or gold.
Together with a fully trained jeweller you will translate your ideas and creative designs into a wearable piece of jewellery. Normally it takes 2 to 3 Saturday sessions to walk out with a shiny new creation.
Sounds like fun? Be quick to grab a friend and a ticket.
Maximum of 4 students at a time. Age group 12 and over.
-or buy a voucher as a surprise-
To join our class please send us a quick message on Facebook or to
To find our Facebook events click here
Please refer to the chart below as a guide for ring sizes. You may also download a printable pdf version here.
If in doubt, contact our team for further advice. 
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