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Titanium and sterling silver 2cm pendant and 50cm sterling silver belcher chain.


The kiwi is New Zealand's iconic flightless bird. The town of Otorohanga (kiwiana town) has a kiwi house we highly recommend for a visit and a chance to watch these impressive birds.

Our titanium sterling silver pendant design is assembled out of a solid sterling silver 2cm frame, a layer of titanium and a sterling silver top.

Titanium has the ability to change colour when it is exposed to a flame. After we have textured the layer it is placed under our jeweller flame to manipulate the colour to a vibrant golden brown. This colour is permanent and will not fade in sunlight.

This pendant is sold together with a 50cm sterling silver belcher chain.

Please refer to the chart below as a guide for ring sizes. You may also download a printable pdf version here.
If in doubt, contact our team for further advice. 
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